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Why not put Learning Dynamics’ 25+ years of hands-on banking experience to work for your financial institution?  We have the practical experience to help you achieve your goals.  Partner with us!


Topics Covered:

  • Assessment
  • Coaching
  • Communication
  • Internal Customer Service
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Salary Survey
  • Sales and Service
  • Succession Planning
  • Training


Below are samples of client needs Learning Dynamics has fulfilled:

Our Solution: A Supervisory Survival Package - We designed a comprehensive package including assessment, training, coaching, and communication. The bank now utilizes the program every quarter to train their newly appointed managers.


Need: Several financial institutions looked to revitalize their approach to sales and service training

Our Solution: We partnered with these institutions to create a more consultative and relationship oriented approach which led to increased levels of service delivery and sales.


Need: Help us ensure that our salaries are competitive

Our Solution: We completed a quick turnaround on a comprehensive state salary survey including market pricing of key positions.


Need: Help us improve our level of internal customer service between the back office and front line staff

Our Solution: We designed an employee survey to assess the critical issues. Problem solving teams were formed to address the issues related to customer service. The results were improved communication and service levels throughout the bank.


Need: An institution was facing some critical retirement issues with the next three years at the senior management level

Our Solution: We partnered with the President and VP of Human Resources to design a comprehensive succession planning/leadership development initiative for the bank’s top 50 managers. The project included an on-line assessment, interviews, leadership training, and an assessment center. The efforts helped the bank prepare its leaders for future challenges.


Need: Banks in New York and Massachusetts looked to proactively provide workplace violence awareness training for all of their managers

Our Solution: Our consultants delivered several sessions of our "Safe and Sound®" program.


Need: A bank was concerned about its internal communication

Our Solution: We facilitated bankwide focus groups to determine areas where communication and internal customer service needed improvement.


Need: Several banks were looking for a fresh approach to sexual harassment and diversity training

Our Solution: We presented several sessions of our award-winning "Common Decency®" program. We’ve also presented "Common Decency®" for 7 consecutive years at the National School of Banking.


Need: A bank looked to strengthen its performance management system

Our Solution: We revised the bank’s performance appraisal form and presented workshops for its managers on setting “SMART” goals.


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