Susan Laberge

Senior Learning Consultant

Susan Laberge has more than 25 years of Retail Bank management experience. She is a former senior officer of numerous community banks including Eagle Bank, Webster Bank, and most recently Farmington Bank. Susan managed the Retail Bank network of branches and was responsible for driving all sales and service results.


In her role as Senior Vice President at Farmington Bank Susan oversaw the growth of the institution from a small community bank to its ultimate size of 25 locations. During that time, she was instrumental in executing on the bank's strategy to grow organically and successfully opened numerous De Novo locations. Susan designed and delivered sales and service management initiatives to achieve the bank's strategic objectives. Susan also designed, implemented, and successfully converted the institution from a traditional branch transactional model to the Universal Banker model.


Throughout her years in the banking industry Susan implemented change management, team building, coaching for performance, leadership, and management development programs for all levels of Retail Bankers. She specialized in the development of branch management and leadership in order to successfully build high performing teams.


She is also a graduate of the Connecticut School of Finance and Management and the National School of Banking at Fairfield University.